My Weigh 30 Day Challenge


Have you been struggling to eat healthy and get to your goals?


  • Accelerate Your Weight Loss Results
  • Shift into a Higher Gear- Taking action towards your health goals

This online program allows you to choose an eating plan that fits your lifestyle, whether you are constantly on the go, have certain food restrictions or enjoy making time towards experimenting with new, delicious recipes! 

You will benefit from 30 Days of strategic eating, fitness challenges, progress sheets to help track your success and motivational support to help you succeed.

We will be there with you every step of the way!

Program Details

For 30 Days you get:

  • Customized Caribbean Meal Plans (for Males and Females) - Easy to prepare recipes and tips, prepared by our team of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists 
  • Weekly Exercises - Workout Plans and Exercise Videos using minimal equipment that can be done anywhere and at anytime
  • Weekly Motivation -  Educational & Motivational emails to help you stay motivated and focused.
  • Group Support -  Whatsapp support group to keep you going and answer your questions.


Disclaimer: This program is done entirely online and requires you to have daily access to your email as all materials will be sent via email.

Individual Cost: $675 TT    ($99 US)              

Group Cost: $1500 TT for 3 people (Save $175 each!)


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Registration is open until November 2nd..

Program Reviews

It's a great vehicle to kick start your journey to better health!" ~ M.R

"Achievable, motivating! It is so worth it and you can do it!" ~ S.H

"The support and motivational email messages were great; it was also important to see that others are facing the same challenges and we were able to keep each other motivated; share concerns, ask questions" ~ M.C

"A great opportunity to experiment with a healthier way of living!" ~N.G.