Theo started at 254lbs, one year later he weighs 210lbs with aims of reaching 180lbs by December!

Theo's Story

My Motivation

 I came to empower because I wanted an organized approach to weight loss and fitness. 

I was at 254 pounds. That is more than Muhammad Ali weighed when he was heavyweight champion of the world. I was obese. 

At that time, I was facing the challenge of free and easy movement. 

I used to be a sportsman in my youth. I maintained a fair amount of my movement and agility into senior years, but I was losing that rapidly due to a lower back injury that was aggravated by my excess weight. So it was imperative that I lose weight.

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My Progress


I have gone from 254 lbs when I started the Empower programme in November of 2017 to 210 lbs one year later. 

My energy and fitness has also improved. I can get around the Queen's Park Savannah in 50 minutes, not without stops and some agony, but I don’t see many people my age going around. I did a 5K in 62 minutes, with some of that time spent on Savannah park benches.

I am now trying to do a savannah walk every week. My goal is to do two laps round the Savannah as a routine walk and maybe  even start back jogging! 

I am confident I will get to 180 pounds by Christmas 2019.