Karen's Story


It was December 2016 when I looked at a family Christmas photo and I knew something had to change. 

I had three children one year apart from each other and even though my first girl was 7, I had continued eating for two. Nothing in the regular clothing stores fit me and I had to get my clothes online or in plus-sized stores. I was depressed as I had lost my Mom a year before and was struggling to juggle a full time career, three children and still have time for my personal life. Mummy had passed from a heart condition, and I want to be present for as long as possible for my family. 

My eating habits were mindless and meal preparation was pretty non-existent. I would grab any old fast food after my classes… hamburgers, fries or Chinese food. I was doing no exercise because I juggled dropping the girls off to school, groceries, lesson planning, lecturing. I would drink a lot of sugary drinks with caffeine specifically Coca-Cola which would make me feel stuffed and jittery so that my sleep patterns were terrible. 

Karen, 46 year old Lecturer & Mom of Three Awesome Little Girls!
Karen, 46 year old Lecturer & Mom of Three Awesome Little Girls!

When I first came in to Empower Nutrition, I wanted to change my story’s path. At my first consultation with Mweia, the thing I remembered most on was that the Coke had to go! I started to drink a lot more water and eliminating sugary drinks. I started cooking more and forgot why I had stopped since I love to cook! Salads were on the increase, bye-bye to my beloved crunchy salty snacks. 

My new meal plan did not leave me feeling deprived. It teaches you how to make different choices so that you can get the results you want. Bags with crunchy veggie sticks replaced chiblo and Tortillaz. The breakfasts, lunches and dinners are so varied and tasty, the whole family enjoys them so I am changing their health habits too.

I started exercising 2 days a week,  incorporating cardio, resistance training, TRX, pilates and yoga – and my body can now do amazing things. My posture has improved, I couldn’t run for more than a half a minute before now I jog with ease. I completed my first 5K in 2018 and I know more of those are on the way. I get up the stairs at work so breezily now. Two years ago, I would climb one flight and be breathless. I carry the girls out to walk whenever I can. We go round the savannah often. I am much stronger, and I have dropped 3 dress sizes. 


My experience with Mweia and Arielle has been life changing. I know I have persons on my team whom I can trust, and who celebrate my victories and strategize new approaches where I fall  short. Getting fit involves changing your nutrition and activity level but it also involves altering many fixed but untrue ideas you may have planted in your mind and manifest in your habits. 

I realize that self-care must come first before I can do for any other person and even with a busy schedule like mine, yes it is possible to get the exercise and eating right in place. I still have those rough days where my eating is not healthy but those days are few and far between. And my daughters and husband eat so much healthier now. It is a wonderful feeling to know I am nourishing their bodies to be their best selves!

I am so proud of how much I have achieved. It wasn’t about what I lost but all about what I gained: my self respect, the belief that I am valuable, more energy to be an enthusiastic teacher, a loving mom and wife and a good friend and the ability to find something to wear in my closet for any event, any time. Thank you, Mweia, and Empower Nutrition for walking with me in coming out of my darkest year and holding my hand to get to the top of the hill. 



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